Media Coverage

Harry's story was covered extensively by the media all over the world, here are some links to the coverage so that you can have a different perspective of Harry's case other than those of our family on this website.

No consequences for NHS staff who kill babies - Carole Malone The Express

Kirkup - 100 days on - Meridian TV

Helen Gittos speaking to BBC Womans Hour October 2022

No one joined the dots - BBC Story October 2022

Harry Richford's family's five-year fight for justice BBC South East

BBC Breakfast Article HERE interviewing Helen Gittos

Radio 4 TODAY - Derek Richford comments on Donna Ockenden and similarities with East Kent

BBC Panorama, Hospital Secrets Uncovered

Derek Richford speaks to Rob Berhens the Ombudsman about Harry's story

October 15th 2021 - BBC Radio Kent story of CQC damning inspections  Still serious issues in Maternity in East Kent "Her time in East Kent will be remembered for the news headlines she fought to contain."

Trust Fined in Criminal Court over baby death - Channel 5

Fighting for Harry - Counsel Magazine

Trust Admits Failure - Tozers - “Harry’s grieving parents’ concerns about the standard of care he and his mother Sarah received were swept under carpet and they had to persist in a fight to get to the truth of the Trust’s failings. The Trust was more concerned about its reputation than improving standards of care but, as a result of the brave parents battle, neonatal deaths at the Trust have fallen by 55% since 2020 and still births have fallen by 20%.”

Quest for Truth Over Baby Death - The Times

20 Wildcards the NHS should recruit - HSJ

"Derek Richford, grandfather and campaigner

Several people commented that NHS chief executives need to hear from harmed patients and families: Mr Richford has an extraordinary tale to tell of how his forensic attempts to find out why his grandson died a week after his traumatic birth led to the uncovering of massive failings in maternity services in East Kent. Regulators and commissioners seemed largely unaware of this, and it is only through Mr Richford’s efforts that there has been a court case and an ongoing independent investigation. The difficulty of getting to the truth was only matched by the grief suffered by his family."

CQC decision to Prosecute the Trust for unsafe care BBC 

Trust plead Guilty to unsafe care for Sarah and Harry Richford - The Guardian

Trust fined £761k in Richford case - The Independent

Inquest Verdict on Margate Boy - BBC

Ian Birrell Comment- Daily Mail -  Incompetence, conspiracy – and how our culture of NHS worship is costing lives

The Baby Death that Shook the UK - Advocate - The Bar Council Magazine

Channel 5 News- Harry's Story

"I wake up wondering how this happened to us" - The Independent

 "Hospital failures and neglect caused baby's 'avoidable' death" - Kent Online

 "Harry Richford: Death of newborn baby in hospital was 'wholly avoidable'" - Sky News

"Baby death families told there were 'failings in leadership' at East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust" - ITV News

"NHS boss apologises after criticising family of baby who died in hospital" - The Independent

"Baby death inquest verdict" - BBC Radio Kent

"Baby Harry Richford's Margate hospital death 'wholly avoidable'" - BBC News

"I kept asking why I couldn't hear my baby" - Kent Online

"Health bosses investigate 26 more baby deaths at NHS trust after coroner ruled death of seven-day-old boy was 'wholly avoidable'" - Daily Mail

"'EXTREME RISK' 50 babies have died at hospital with ‘unsafe staffing’ as parents demand ‘cover up’ investigation" - The Sun

 "Inquiry into chronic system failures at East Kent Trust" - Lowdown NHS

"Harry Richford inquest: 'Lives at risk' over locum doctor recruitment" - BBC News

"Harry Richford inquest hears doctor was 'out of depth'" - BBC News

AUDIO Radio Kent 23rd January - Ian Collins with Michael Buchanan Interview

AUDIO Radio Kent Breakfast show - Anna Cookson with Mark Norman and Tom Richford Interview

AUDIO Radio Kent February 12th 2020 - Anna Cookson with Derek Richford Interview

AUDIO Radio Kent February 13th 2020 - Anna Cookson with Derek Richford Interview

AUDIO Radio Kent February 14th 2020 - Ian Collins with Tom Richford Interview

AUDIO BBC Radio 4 February 12th 2020 - Martha Kearney Interview

AUDIO BBC Radio 4 February 14th 2020 - Justin Webb Interview

calls-for-public-inquiry-into-east-kent-hospitals-involvement-in-baby-deaths/ - ITV News

East Kent hospitals: Parents call for inquiry after coroner rules baby died of neglect"The Independent

19-recommendations-after-baby-harrys-death-222259/ - Kent Online

Inquest-death-of-seven-day-old-baby-in-hospital-avoidable - ITV News

Death-of-harry-richford-caused-by-gross-failings-by-east-kent-university-nhs-trust - Brick Court Chambers

Death-week-old-baby-emergency-delivery-wholly-avoidable. - Daily Mail

Sarah and Tom on the Steps of County Hall after the inquest  - ITV News

Sir Roger Gale MP speaking in the House of Commons  Roger Gale MP

Courage-and-quiet-dignity-of-parents-praised-after-inquest-rules-seven-day-old-sons-death-was-avoidable/ - Isle of Thanet News

"Hospital did not learn from mistakes" - BBC News

East Kent Baby Deaths 4 more family's come forward - BBC News

Maternity-probe-to-examine-decade-of-baby-deaths - Kent Online

Report-finds-recurrent-safety-risks-in-east-kent-nhs-maternity-care -  The Guardian

Urgent-need-actions-remains-scandal-hit-nhs-trust-maternity-department - Your Local Guardian

Maternity Failings Video ReportBBC News

BBC  10 o'clock news from Wednesday February 12th  2020 - Interview with Susan Acott the Trust CEO

Click to see the BBC piece   The Susan Acott Interview

During this BBC interview by Michael Buchanan, which was aired on February 12th 2020 during the national 6pm and 10pm news, Susan Acott the CEO of the Trust said there had been 6 or 7 avoidable deaths at the Trust, the next day at her Board meeting on February 13th she told her Board there were likely 15 avoidable deaths in the last 10 years, it had seemingly doubled overnight? In the end, Kirkup showed that the actual figure was 45 babies.  Astonishing how far out of touch the CEO was.

Below from the Harry Halligan Case


Mark Norman, BBC South East Today health correspondent

The cases of Harry Halligan and Harry Richford were both subject to what's called a "root cause analysis" by the hospital.

Both reports highlight very similar issues and lessons to be learnt, but five years apart.

There were lessons to be learned around foetal heart monitoring; problems using syntocinon, a drug used to make contractions stronger; poor communication with families and issues with consultants, including their role and the time they are on wards and even problems getting hold of them out of hours.