Harry's Legacy

It is really important to us that Harry's death and the huge sacrifices made by Sarah, Tom and the wider family have led to long term change.  Here we want to highlight key things that we believe would not have happened if Harry had not been born and the family hadn't demanded the truth. 

In his 7 days on this planet, Harry has changed the world of maternity care here in East Kent and beyond in a really positive way.

The Kirkup Inquiry.  The Kirkup team will report by Autumn 2022 and will, we have no doubt, make the most disturbing findings of poor practice and cover up in maternity services.  Once these gross failings are exposed to public scrutiny the Trust can never go back to what it was.

CQC Criminal Prosecution.  The first ever criminal prosecution of an NHS Trust for unsafe care and treatment in a clinical sense will, we feel sure be a mark for this Trust and the entire NHS that such appalling care will not be tolerated again. On April 19th 2021 the Trust entered a plea of guilty for unsafe care and treatment of Sarah and Harry.

Baby Death Reduction. Since Harry's inquest and the furore that followed when an expert maternity team were sent to the Trust, Neonatal deaths have fallen by 55% compared to the previous 7 year average and still births by 20%.   This demonstrates clearly how the correct focus, leadership and procedures will save babies lives.  Had the Trust followed the RCOG audit diligently in early 2016 over 40 babies could have been saved. 

Link to full Freedom of Information HERE